DayZ Server Hosting

DayZ Server Hosting

DayZ Server Hosting: Survive within the post-apocalyptic world of DayZ Standalone. Bohemia Interactive has released a DayZ server version. In this video game, you battle for survival together with your buddies in an infected world. Find the realm of DayZ Standalone and always watch what happens in the back of you.
DayZ Standalone is a survival game. As a result of the further growth of the game, it is now possible to get your very own DayZ server hosting!

You have to survive for as long as possible and search for necessary equipment from the vast map. Zombies are always within the immediate vicinity and can continuously notice you. So that it’s a battle that is constant zombies, enemy players and even you! Because the game progresses, you shall gradually equip yourself. Other players may also be after the items and take you out for it! Be cautious of players and zombies. As soon as you die, you lose everything and certainly will start all over again.

Please be aware: DayZ Standalone servers with current admin ability limited to kicking players and adjusting the server description. For a complete listing of hosting rules, don’t hesitate to go over the recognized guidelines list relating to the DayZ forum Link Here.​

DayZ Server Hosting

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$14 per month
  • Instant setup
  • DDoS protection
  • No branding
  • Starting at 20 slots
  • 24 hour FREE trial


Yes! Most of our features we already have are directly from customer feed back. We will add any new feature you need within reason. It must not conflict with our security and it has to be something useful to anyone else also using a DayZ server.

Yes you can! At any time you want to add any extras such as CPU priority, slots, ect.. You may do so in the client area. Everything can be upgraded and downgraded anytime you like.

The truth:

Lag can be caused by mods and settings but it’s not the end of the story. Some hosts will claim that this is the only thing that can cause lag. That’s not really true. CPU bottlenecks can also be a major factor. The more players on your server the harder the CPU has to work. CPU lag from too many players can cause your ping to go high (around 100ms-250ms+). A game server’s ping is not just network releated. It’s also effected by the CPU speed and workload as well!

We offer the option to choose top of the line CPUs using the Intel core i7 7700K & Xeon E3-1270v6. They are VERY powerful and can handle very high population servers without lag. If your server starts to lag when 15+ players online but it’s fine when there are 10 or less, the CPU is to blame. If your server is lagging with just 1 player it’s probably mods, bugged dino spawns and/or settings.


We go above and beyond to always integrate the latest and greatest for plugins and mods. Ask if you want something added!


Need Help Setting Up?

No problem! We’ll help you setup your gaming server including settings, mods, whatever you need at no extra cost!



We offer comprehensive tech support. We do not outsource support to any countries. Our number one priority is you 24/7



We understand that Uptime is important to everyone. We have a proven track record of over 99% uptime!

Server Locations

We have multiple locations! Our machines have different hardware specifications depending on the applications required. We have devices with as little as 64GB of RAM and as much as 320GB of RAM. Some of our servers have 8 CPU cores, and some of them have 40+ CPU cores. We know how to scale and find the right fit for you! This is ActiveGameHost, and our kung-fu is strong!

Bend, Oregon

Dallas, Texas

Lenoir/Charlotte, North Carolina


Montreal, Canada


Latham, NY