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Download: .NET Framework 4.5

Uploading a mod to your server is easier than ever with "Ark Remote Server Manager"! Please make sure you server is stopped before proceeding.

To upload a mod on your server you must first install "Ark Remote Server Manager" through your TCAdmin control panel. Then start Ark Remote by clicking the icon in TCAdmin. That will give you the connection info that you need for the server manager (your password is whatever you set it as). Once you are connected to the "Ark Remote Server Manger", you need to load your settings by clicking "load from ini.". Then select the MODS tab and search for which ever mods you desire to have.

When you find a mods that you want simply hit "add" and it will be added to the left side of the screen. Now click on one of the mods on the left side and select "install/update" and the mod will start to install. Once the mod is installed select "activate" and it will show a green check mark in the top right corner of the mod to show that it's activated.

After you've installed all the mods that you want, hit the button in the bottom right "Write To Server". Congratulations! You have just installed mods to your server. 

**KEEP IN MIND** Mods will NOT automatically update! You have to hit the "install/update" button on the selected mod to do this when it is required or in your TCAdmin control panel press "Update all mods".
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