How to install mods

In this article we will explain to you on how to install a 7 days to die mod onto your server.

Note: You yourself can only install .XML based mods. If the mods is a .EXE, .BAT, .DLL based mod, you will need to contact us through our ticket support system and we will look into it and install it for you.

After you have picked the mods you would like to install on your server, you will first need to go to the site (page) that contains the mod and click download and install the mod onto your computer first.

After it has finished it will appear on the bottom of your browser. Click the arrow and select open (show) in folder.

When the file explorer pops up, there will be two different folders with the same name. You will need to right click on the one that says FILE FOLDER and not the one that says COMPRESSED. After you have right clicked it, select the option that says EXTRACT ALL...

After it has finished a new file explorer will pop up. You will need to open the folder that says CONFIG (still in the new file manager that just popped up) and keep that open for the next part.

After you have finished this you will need to log into your control panel and head over to the file manager. In there you will need to go into the folder that says CONFIG. 

Once you are in there you will need to click the button towards the top that says UPLOAD. There will be another pop and it will allow you to upload 3 files at a time. Use the file manager that has the extracted folders and the config to guide you to where your downloads are. You will upload what is inside that config folder, you can not just upload the config folder itself.

After finished save, reboot your server if it wasn't stopped at that time and you will be all set. 

If you need help or a question on this, feel free to start a live chat or send in a support ticket and we will gladly walk you through this.

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