Server Rollback feature fixed! - ARK

The server rollback icon works as it should now. There was a bug when a customer had a custom command line set behind the map name. Example: TheIsland?UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth=true

The rename of the rollback would fail. This now fixed and the script ignores anything past the map name.

20 Мар 2020
ARK: Genesis - Part 1 Expansion Pack Now available

To enable use the commandline and in the map name enter: Genesis

ARK: Genesis Trailer

25 Фев 2020
2/21/2020 Rebooting all machines for windows updates

We will be performing windows updates and reboots on all machines on 2/21/2020. Please inform your community that some downtime is expected. Downtime should be less than one hour. We will do this on one machine at a time. At some point during the day on the 21st, you won't be able to access your server while the updates and reboots are being ... Читать далее »

14 Фев 2020
ARK: Valentine's Day Update: Love Evolved

❤ARK: Love Evolved❤ ❤Love is in the air because ARK: Love Evolved Event has officially started! ❤  It will be going on starting today (2/11/2020) to 2/18/2020In order to enable this on your ARK: Survival Evolved server(s) you will need to do the following steps:❤ First you will need to save and stop your server❤ Then (if you ... Читать далее »

11 Фев 2020
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