ARK: Server Beyond API support!

We are pleased to announce we are now supporting ARK: Server Beyond API !

To install you simply go to the "Plugins" icon and install.

4th Jan 2018
New server hardware!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering super performance servers using the Intel E3-1270v6 and Intel I7 7700K (The E3-1270v6 is the same as the i7 but server grade.).Why is this important?Game servers with a lot of players use A LOT of CPU resources and a lot of other companies will say this is due to mods and settings, but that's not ... Read More »

27th Dec 2017
Ark Server Rollback Feature Correction

We have had some customers tell us that the rollback script was not working so we decided to completely rework the entire thing. Customers reported that they could not access their backup that our script created. That was caused due to a file extension issue. We also had reports that sometimes the rollback was not working, or working as ... Read More »

11th Dec 2017
Completed: Emergency network maintenance

COMPLETE - NO LONGER ONGOING - This is a service impacting emergency maintenance notification for December 7th 2017 beginning at 6PM EST. Cisco has identified a bug in the switching platform we use that requires an immediate upgrade. The upgrade window is scheduled for 1.5 hours, however downtime should be far less then that. Rest assured that ... Read More »

7th Dec 2017
FIX: ARK Save, Stop and Update everything script

We have corrected an issue with the update script for ARK. There was a bug when someone's game server was on another drive different from drive "C:". We had the script setup to change the drive, but the control panel does not play well with some batch commands. It is now fully working as intended. It will no longer error out on you.

6th Dec 2017
One click mod updates!

We are please to announce that we now offer the ability to update all of your ARK mods with a single click of a button in your control panel. We are one of the only game hosts out that have this feature!

8th Apr 2016
BattlEye anti-cheat enabled on all servers!

We are happy to announce that we have enabled the option for you to use the BattlEye anti-cheat system for ARK on your very own server! It is now enabled by default on all servers. You can optionally disable it in your commandline manager. ARK has been seeing more and more people cheating and using aim bots. This is an attempt to stop people from ... Read More »

6th Mar 2016
Thank you for choosing ActiveGameHost!

Need help? No problem! We offer 24/7, full, FREE support! No matter if it's a dedciated server, gaming server, or any other kind of service we offer. We are here to help YOU!

9th Feb 2016