We have had some customers tell us that the rollback script was not working so we decided to completely rework the entire thing. Customers reported that they could not access their backup that our script created. That was caused due to a file extension issue. We also had reports that sometimes the rollback was not working, or working as intended.

The following bugs have been fixed!

Change log:

File name changes: When our script creates a backup it now creates a new backup with the time stamp and date. (Example: TheCenter.ark2017-12-10_08-40-PM) It no longer overwrites the same MapName.ark.bax. In the event you chose the wrong backup file, you can restore that backup!

Cluster rollback correction: Fixed an issue with ARK cluster servers rollback not restoring the backup in the correct location. It is now fully functional!

Monday, December 11, 2017

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