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Love is in the air because ARK: Love Evolved Event has officially started!  

It will be going on starting today (2/11/2020) to 2/18/2020

In order to enable this on your ARK: Survival Evolved server(s) you will need to do the following steps:

❤ First you will need to save and stop your server

❤ Then (if you have not already), go to the tab ' Update Server ' and let it run and fully update your server. It will let you know when you can close the tab or leave the page when it is finished

❤ Now you will need to go into your ' Commandline Editor ' and click the tab ' Custom Commandlines ' and click ' Edit '

(Note: If you are not using '  Custom Commandlines 
' and you are using ' Predefined Commandlines ' , You will need to do this first: Click ' Custom Commandlines ' tab and click the button first that says ' Click to Enable '. This will make it to where your server will use the custom instead of predefined. Then it will refresh showing it is '  Currently Selected ' and you will need to now click the ' Edit ' button. In there you will need to enter all your settings information and save. From now on, if you need to make a change; you will need to use your new ' Custom Commandline ' from this day forth (Unless you decide to switch back to predefined.)

In here you will need to look for ' Ending command such as -command ' and click the select box to enable and in the blank box you will need to enter this: 


OR you can use the NEW UPDATE (Recommended Choice)Instead of using ' Ending command such as -command ', if you go towards the bottom of all the settings you will see a drop down box labeled ' Active Event Selection '. If you click the drop down box you will see all the options of events you can chose from, including the new one as shown in picture below:

Click save and start your server. Now you will have officially added ARK: Love Evolved to your server.

Everything included in the new event:




Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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