Crystal Isles ARK mod map has been updated and now working!

The mod developers have updated the moded map and it's fully functional now.  Link Here

24th Oct 2019
Ark mod installer update!

We have updated the ARK mod installer so you now know what it's doing in real-time. Our installer will now let you see exactly what file is currently being extracted. This will hopefully eliminate any confusion so you have a better idea on the mod install/update progress.

3rd Dec 2018
Official ActiveGameHost android app released!

We are placed to announce that the ActiveGameHost android app has been released on google play! With the app, you can manage your account, manage your server and get live help from our support staff. Search Google Play for "ActiveGameHost"

1st Nov 2018
ARK One Click Mod Install Update.

The ARK mod installer has been updated with a couple of bug fixes and it now has the ability to add ActiveMods= if it's missing from your GameUserSettings.ini file. This ensures the mod will be installed correctly even without the ActiveMods= in the config.  Prior to this, if ActiveMods= was missing the mod would still install, but the  ... Read More »

25th Oct 2018
Conan Exiles One Click Mod Install

We have created a new script for Conan Exiles to install mods with one click. All you need is the mod ID. Our script will download the mod from steam, place it in the mods folder, and update your modlist.txt file for you.

22nd Apr 2018

It's that time again everyone! Contest time! Just click HERE and follow the directions to enter the contest. Good luck to everyone!

3rd Mar 2018
New ARK feature "Wipe Server"

You can now wipe your server easily in the control panel by pressing the "Wipe server" icon. This will delete your saved arks folder. It will not delete mods or server settings.

18th Feb 2018
Control Panel speed improvments

We have made some changes to the TCAmin control panel's database server to help improve the speed and preformance of page load times. We are seeing about 40% increase in speed and load time on average! We are always working on something. :)

3rd Feb 2018
AGH Android app in the works!

We are working on an Android app for customers to manage their game server, notification updates for issues and features, and billing. We are currently testing an internal build. More to come when it's released soon!

21st Jan 2018
New Server Location! (West USA!)

Our new location is located directly between California and Washington state. It is located in Bend, Oregon.

8th Jan 2018