About ARK server hosting

       Finding the best Ark Server hosting provider can be tricky. With so many options it can be hard to choose the right one. We at ActiveGameHost try to offer the best features at an affordable price. We have created a lot of easy to use tools to help you manage your ark server hosting! Install and update mods, edit your configration settings without having to use a text editor, schedule automatic admin commands, and server updates. All of this from the control panel. You don’t have to use programs such as Ark Server Launcher, although we do support it! Why choose ActiveGameHost? We play the game! We understand exactly what you want when you ask questions like “How can I enable unlimited mindwipe?”. We know what you can do, and what is not possible to do. We know that some settings won’t work on some DLC maps and what settings do! Our team is ARK experts. Don’t know how to edit settings? We’ve got you covered. Just tell us what you want to be done, and we will do it for you at no extra cost, ever. Customer support is #1 in our book.

Ark Server Hosting Crystal Isles

ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is an open world action-adventure survival video game
$12 for 25 slots

Starting your ARK Server Hosting is simple to do!

Instant Ark Server Hosting Setup

Select your map name, hostname and server admin password to get started.
Cluster Support
We support cluster servers. Add as many as you like. Each server can have it's own settings and mods.
Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth expansion DLC is included with your server rental. Careful, it's hot!
DDoS Server Protection
Our network has the latest technology in distributed denial of service attack prevention.
Need Help With Settings?
No problem! We’ll help you setup your gaming server including settings, mods, whatever you need at no extra cost!

Mod Installer

Install mods in the control panel. All you need is the mod id and the press of a button. If you can click, you can mod.
Aberration DLC comes with your hosting. as long as you have the DLC you can use it on the server side.
Server Rollback
Easily roll back your server if something goes wrong or if you need to get something back you lost.
Full Server Backups included
No matter if your server is 1GB or 100GB. We take full server backups every 12 hours for free and we'll never charge for it.
Equal Support For Everyone
Priority support? Everyone gets the same top tier support large or small. Why pay extra for support?

Easy Server Settings

We have hundreds of server settings in your config manager. We keep up to date with the latest patches for new settings.
The Ragnarok DLC map is also indluded and you can select it from the maps when you start your server!
You get the full power and speed of our servers no matter if you are a big or small client. Equality to all!
3 Day Money Back Guarantee
if you don't love our hosting simply ask us for a refund. People shouldn't pay for something they're not happy with.
Want New Features Or Settings?
Just ask your friendly support pal and we'll see what we can do. Good ideas are welcome!


We understand that Uptime is important to everyone. We have a proven track record of over 99% uptime!

Server Locations

We have multiple locations! Our machines have different hardware specifications depending on the applications required. We have devices with as little as 64GB of RAM and as much as 320GB of RAM. Some of our servers have 8 CPU cores, and some of them have 40+ CPU cores. We know how to scale and find the right fit for you! This is ActiveGameHost, and our kung-fu is strong!

Bend, Oregon

Dallas, Texas

Lenoir/Charlotte, North Carolina


Montreal, Canada


Latham, NY