Miscreated Server Hosting

What is Miscreated server hosting?

Create your server the way you want it with your own settings and rules!

Multiplayer online brilliant survival game set in the future that is post-apocalyptic. You will want to survive against mutants, people, and also our mother earth herself.

Produce your very own base

In Miscreated you may also create your base, live there along with your group and prepare your survival with this journey. But beware, you will find a lot of weather effects that will mess with you and your base. Severe Weather and radiation storms are just a couple exemplary cases of additional risks existing these days.

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world!

This open-world survival game is placed in a post-apocalyptic world that emerged after the ultimate War. The humanity isn’t the dominant species anymore. The mutated plague wiped out of the humans very nearly complete. Besides the epidemic, more potential risks are waiting around for you these days.

Your Miscreated server is setup before payment. Just ignore the invoice until you’re ready to buy. If you choose not to purchase after your 24-hour trial, we will keep your server files for seven days from your original order date. Please note that free trial customers have limited support from our team.

Yes! Most of our features we already have are directly from customer feed back. We will add any new functionality you need within reason. It must not conflict with our security, and it has to be something useful to anyone else also using a Miscreated server.

Yes, you can! At any time you want to add any extras such as CPU priority, slots, ect.. You may do so in the client area. Everything can be upgraded and downgraded anytime you like.

The truth:
Mods and settings can cause lag, but it’s not the end of the story. Some hosts will claim that this is the only thing that can cause lag. That’s not true. CPU bottlenecks can also be a significant factor. The more players on your server, the harder the CPU has to work. CPU lag from too many players can cause your ping to go high (around 100ms-250ms+). A Game server’s ping is not just network related. It’s also affected by the CPU speed and workload as well!

We offer the option to choose the top of the line CPUs using the Intel Core i7 7700K & Xeon E3-1270v6. They are VERY powerful and can handle very high population servers without lag. If your server lags with 15+ players online, but it’s okay when there are 10 or less. The CPU is to blame. If your server is lagging with just one player, it’s probably mods or settings.

Miscreated Server Hosting

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$15.00/m 20 slots
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  • DDoS protection
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  • $0.75/slot

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Server Locations

We have multiple locations! Our machines have different hardware specifications depending on the applications required. We have devices with as little as 64GB of RAM and as much as 320GB of RAM. Some of our servers have 8 CPU cores, and some of them have 40+ CPU cores. We know how to scale and find the right fit for you! This is ActiveGameHost, and our kung-fu is strong!

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